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Thursday, 21 October 2021


A travel on the history: the Aeolian Museum

Situated on the Acropolis of Lipari Castle, the Aeolian Museum, founded in 1954, exhibits some valuable finds coming from excavations conducted from 40s to date.

For its characteristics of “alive” Museum constantly and "central" relationship with its home area, it is directly connected to the constant progress of archaeological research.

The exhibition is based on criteria of illustrative clarity that makes the visit enjoyable and interesting also for the non specialists.

A particular impact on the public is kindled, for example, by the  historical reconstructions with the original elements of the excavation contexts (the necropolis of the Late Bronze Age of Piazza Monfalcone in Lipari, the prehistoric necropolis and protogreco  of Milazzo, a sector of the Greek necropolis of  Lipari).

Moreover, in the various sections the public may consult computer stations with interactive texts with a wide range of information and ideas regarding the archaeological issues and monuments of the Castle and the complexes exhibited in the Museum.
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